MS35i2 (9MP)

The Totoku MS35i2 is a 21.3” grayscale monitor with new generation IPS LCD with LED backlight, brightness of 1700 cd/m2, contrast ration of 1400:1, and has a DICOM conformance self-test function. With integrated super-high 9MP Independent Sub-pixel Drive (ISD), it exceeds resolution values of traditional 5 mega-pixel displays, exceeding the current standards of care for primary mammography diagnosis.

The Totoku MS55i2 is equipped with ISD technology to accept higher resolution output from modality devices that are of high resolution. It’s a 21.3”grayscale monitor with super high resolution display for mammography, equipped with Super-high 9MP Independent sub pixel resolution with a pixel pitch of 55 micron and MammoWorkstationOne™.

MS55i2 (15MP)

The Totoku CCL550i2 is a 21.3” color monitor that can accommodate images from any modality. Colour images are automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness, and gamma. No user intervention is required.