iFlexmed Workstation

The iFlexmed Workstation is a completely web-based image management solution with advanced image processing options. iFlexmed is a multi-modality medical viewer that delivers vendor-neutral access to studies throughout the enterprise with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools. It is also compatible with different modalities in DICOM formats, such as CT, MRI, and CR. The solution is extremely user-friendly, easy to learn, and customizable. Images and reports can also be viewed via any browser, tablets, and smart-phones.



The WorkstationOne™ is a mammography workstation with vendor-neutral access feature and compatible with various modalities. It has a ‘single-click’ workflow to streamline mammogram reading, from opening a study to generating a report. The WorkstationOne™ also includes Tomosynthesis image processor and can transfer tomosynthesis images from Hologic and GE units in DICOM standard format. It also features plug-in viewers for adjunct capabilities such as breast MR CAD, ultrasound CAD, web document review, etc.


The EndoVue® endoscopy image capture and processing workstation can capture image in high definition and record video at the same time. It uses DICOM 3.0 format to package image file and send to PACS, as well as providing exported file for physicians to publish papers or write reports. It can also work independently or in collaboration with hospitals.

Sphere Printer

The Sphere medical printer provides high-quality images for better diagnosis. It is easy to use and very efficient and can print in multiple paper formats such as 8×10 inch, 8×12, and A4/A3. The printer can be used for the following modalities, including other color medical imaging modalities. :
• Cardiac CT
• Dental CBCT
• Ultrasound
• Digital X-Ray

Patient Monitoring

The Patient Monitoring machine is a 12.1 inch TFT screen with 6 standard parameters. It also features 32-levels sound volume adjustment and 10-levels brightness adjustment. The monitoring machine has a maximum of 168 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters with a battery capacity of about 5 hours of continuous working time.

Mobile Medical Unit

The Mobile Medical Unit is a project that is spearheading in bringing healthcare facilities to the people to promote early detection of diseases. The unit has basic diagnostic equipments such as digital x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, and basic blood testing. The unit is designed to provide a clean environment with state-of-the-art equipments for maximum result.