iFlexmed Advantage PACS

The iFlexmed Workstation is a completely web-based image management solution with advanced image processing options. iFlexmed is a multi-modality medical viewer that delivers vendor-neutral access to studies throughout the enterprise with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools. It is also compatible with different modalities in DICOM formats, such as CT, MRI, and CR. The solution is extremely user-friendly, easy to learn, and customizable. Images and reports can also be viewed via any browser, tablets, and smart-phones.


iFlexmed reporting workstation

iFlexmed is DICOM viewing software, which enables radiologists to do primary diagnostic interpretations (Diagnostic Workstation) and physicians to practice patient care (Clinical workstation).


Pixel Shine  – Low dose CT

A software for noise reduction in CT scans. It extends tube life resulting in substantial savings in operational costs.  Looks natural, without blur, and thus are preferred by radiologists, unlike the waxy images created by Iterative Reconstruction (IR) software offered by major CT scanner vendors. Do not compromise in getting high quality CT scans while using low dose protocols.


OR Recording Solutions

An all-in-one medical device switcher that manages several independent input/output systems typically found in surgical environment.  It uses a standalone PC with touch screen user interface to control video switching


Mobile Medical Unit

The Mobile Medical Unit is a project that is spearheading in bringing healthcare facilities to the people to promote early detection of diseases. The unit has basic diagnostic equipments such as digital x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, and basic blood testing. The unit is designed to provide a clean environment with state-of-the-art equipments for maximum result.